Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Vote, One Person - Really??

I have some questions about this new requirement that is being bandied about the Texas Lege as well as the  House and Senate. Now I personally don't have a problem showing anyone who asks, my ID, but I see how some people who have a hard time obtaining ID could be concerned. For me that issue is a whole other posting that I would be happy to explore but not in this post. Now if we are to show ID before we vote, it does NOT stop any of the voter fraud that they tout it will. Why? you ask so eloquently, Ill tell you why. You cannot legally track these Id's because if you database them then you have effectively data based all people who have valid ID, who didn't vote. What is the next step harassment of citizens who chose not to vote? Why Sir did you not support your country. Etc. Etc Etc.

Then boys and girls you say you want to prevent voter Fraud????  Well let me clue you in on a little something...........(watch the video now)

NO MEMBER of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES or the CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA should have the right , the legal status, or the Unmitigated Gall to put restrictions on, or create laws that govern the citizens, that do not apply to themselves. They DO NOT have that right and WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America have been lied to, we have been embezzled from . we have been treated as second class citizens by a group who have set themselves up as the Elite, the Aristocracy. They have allowed the Corporations, and Banks , and Lobbyists for the aforementioned to operate in our country with total impunity. If they mismanage their corporations, no problem we will give them Bail Out money till they get it right.

To the members of our House of Representatives, and the Members of our Congress, I say.............. wait for it..............

You are Fired

You are FIRED because :
1. You have lied to the American People.
2. You have misappropriated Americas money.
3. You have treated this great lady LIBERTY as if she were your whore.
4. You have become a laughingstock as a leadership.
5. You have cost AMERICA the respect of many nations.
6. You have cost AMERICA her credit rating with other nations.

Now please dont go hollering, that Im another Liberal nut. Im not a liberal, Im a Conservative and that just shows how far out in left field you jackbooted thugs really are. Any AMERICAN with an ounce of sense knows that ALL OF YOU, Republicans, and Democrats alike are to blame. You have become addicted to the office, the lobbyists money, the perks.


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