Tuesday, June 26, 2012

America First

Howdy there folks,
You know I keep reading the news stories and watching the news tellin us about there ain't no money in the school budgets for good teachers, and there is no money to provide treatment for MHMR patients so we just have to throw them in jail         ( well that is another post in itself)    and there is no money left to fix Americas Infrastructure, roads, and bridges falling apart. Our cities drowning in Urban Blight. The highest level of incarceration on this planet etc, etc, Ad Nauseum.

What do you think would happen if we were to tell our Senators and Congressmen ( and Women, dont want to leave them out they arent helping the situation either) , that we would like to fix America BEFORE we send another dollar out of this country for Foreign Aid?  What would happen then?? would the United States be able to figure out a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel?? Without the fear that it is another train coming at them.?

Well I think that we could make something like that work. If you ask any person over the age of sixty , they probably remember when the President decided there were too many people out of work and losing thier homes (starting to sound familiar?) and he created the CCC and the WPA. Now far from being perfect solutions  but not bad for a start. Anyone who would or could got hired on doing something. They fixed roads, and bridges, they built Red Rocks Amphitjeater outside Denver Colorado, still used nearly every weekend, and when not in use guess what, it's not locked up, it's open for public use and it gets respected and taken care of.

These kinds of projects are needed today, instead of trying to design a big corporation that will eat up all the benefits in executive compensation and Corporate directional planning sessions.

Lets feed our poor instead of creating laws that make it against the law to feed them unless you are inside 24 square feet with a 17 gallon water storage tank etc etc etc. If people are hungry feed them.  The state of Texas has decided that if any person has been convicted of a drug related crime since 1996 then they will NEVER IN THEIR LIFE be allowed Food Stamps, Never. So if you were arrested in say Houston in 1997 with an empty crackpipe, instead of charging you with poss of paraphenalia, that they write a ticket for, you are charged with Poss of a Controlled Substance, a felony, you go to court and the lawyer say "dont worry, 30 days and your back home" you think its good, you sign the papers. BOOM you were just convicted of a drug related felony. It doesnt matter if you go to treatment and stay sober 20 years, you will NEVER be allowed food stamps in Texas again.

We need to take care of the people in our country first. When we do that then we have many more people willing to help, because they can . and they WILL help because someone helped them. (  Are Yall getting how this works now???)

Show each other some love folks dont go around hatin, it wont get you anything but hated back.